Riding Lessons

Why take lessons? 
Would you like to enjoy your riding more?  Learn new things?  Learn how to teach your horse new things?  Improve your riding skills?  Be more confident and comfortable in the saddle?
Would you like to learn how to safely handle horses from the ground and why some things work and others don't?

All riders need some instruction from time to time. Beginner to intermediate riders benefit from regular instruction to help develop good habits and minimize bad habits.
Advanced competitive riders call this 'eyes on the ground' and also turn to instructors to maintain their level of riding skills. Good communication between instructor and rider and between rider and horse is key to an enjoyable learning experience.

Learning the basics- western or english
Position in the saddle, balance and use of the aids (legs, seat, body, hands and eyes) are basic skills that all riders need to know. Enjoying riding is a result of being comfortable in the saddle and feeling a sense of communication with your horse. Whether your goal is relaxing weekend trail riding or serious competition, the fundamentals are the same. With good basic skills you can specialize in any activity that you desire...or more than one.

Moving up- jumping, dressage, eventing
Are you interested in competitive skills in the English disciplines?  Do you want to learn to jump?
I can get you started in Eventing or Dressage.

About Barb
My name is Barbara Brandt. I am 60+ years old and have been riding all of my life. I started riding doing games and gymkhanas, later I moved to western pleasure, western trail and eventually reining. I left riding for a short while and returned to fulfill my dream of learning to jump. I have been active in horse sports since then.  I am currently re-training a Thoroughbred mare who has received some really bad training since leaving the track.
I have been lucky enough to have taken regular lessons or ridden in clinics with some great instructors who compete at the international levels in dressage, eventing and jumping, including Denny Emerson, Eric Horgan, Jane Weatherwax, Dolly Hannon, Eric Smiley, Jim Moore and Kristi Wysocki.

One thing that all of these top level competitors have in common is the emphasis that they put on learning and practicing the basic skills.

If you are having a problem or just stuck where you are, there is probably a hole in your basic skills. Go back to these basics and find the problem.

I like teaching and refining basic skills as much as I like helping more advanced riders.  My goal is for the rider to enjoy their lessons.
I travel throughout the metro Denver area and north for lessons.

Barb at 720-434-3085   or  
My current rate is $40/lesson.  Approximately one hour.  
$5 discount for mulitple students at the same location.