Reiki for Horses

My introduction to Reiki

Nina today

Nina, the day she arrived

I became interested in energy work when I acquired my TB mare, Nina.  She was extremely underweight, bodysore, footsore and had an attitude to match.  She held her body very rigidly, head abnormally low and had stiff little pony gaits.   A friend of mine was doing myofascial release therapy with horses and did this for Nina.  The results were dramatic, but after a few treatments they seemed to level off and she was still very stiff and tense.  My friend asked if she could do some energy work on Nina and for the first time since I had owned her, the mare actually relaxed.  A few more treatments and she began to stretch and use her body, relax and become more supple.  I was very impressed.  I had a Reiki treatment done on me by another friend who is a Reiki Master and had interesting results.  I had hoped for relief from mild but chronic lower back pain.  I did get some improvement but not what I hoped for.  But in the next few days I realized that I was sleeping better than I had in years and had much more energy during the day.  The back pain went away after a few nights of good sleep.  My Reiki practitioner told me that the energy goes where your body needs it, which may not be exactly where you thought you wanted it.  My back pain was apparently caused by fatigue (I hadn't slept well in a long time) and when the root problem was solved the symptoms went away.  I started studying Reiki right then.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic (whole body) energy healing system.  The word Reiki is usually translated as 'universal life energy.'  Ki is the Japanese word for life energy, many people are more familiar with the Chinese word, Chi. 
Energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years, but the methods have often been found, lost, suppressed, hidden away and revived again.   In the 1800s a Japanese man named Mikao Usui wanted to learn the secrets of energy healing and went on a 10 year quest to do so.  He created the system of teaching, learning and passing along this knowledge that we call Reiki. Reiki is passed along from Master to student and must include 'attunements'  hands-on sessions in which the Master helps the student to clear any energy blocks and use the knowledge that they have learned through study.

There is no belief system that is necessary for either the practitioner or the receiver of Reiki.  The energy works the way it wants to work, regardless of belief or non belief.  The practitioner is adept in drawing and channeling the energy, not creating it. 

Reiki is beginning to be accepted by the modern medical world and some hospitals now accept Reiki practitioners and even offer classes to doctors and nurses. For more information on the research being done on the effects of Reiki and a list of over 70 hospitals that offer Reiki to their patients visit the Center for Reiki Research.

What can Reiki do for my horse?

Reiki can have profound effects on animals and people.  
It can aid the body in healing injury and illness.  
It can promote a feeling of well being and relaxation.
It can calm anxiety and nervousness. 
It can break the cycle of chronic problems. 

Reiki for animals can be performed either from a distance or hands-on.  
Many small animals are either over stimulated or somewhat fearful of human touch, but I find that most horses benefit from the hands-on approach.   Horses are especially sensitive to energies of all sorts and not dependent on the approval of humans to display their reactions.  They will often react with surprise when they first feel the energy, then relax deeply for a while, then simply shake themselves and walk away when they have had enough.  Healing is often obvious and dramatic.

I charge $40/session of approximately half an hour.  No travel fee.

Barbara at 720-434-3085